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1- PUBLISH IN THE CONGRESS BOOK: Your abstract and full texts will be published in the congress book with ISBN. No additional fee (payment of the congress fee is sufficient) is not required for this.

2- PUBLISH AS ARTICLES IN THE JOURNAL: The full texts of the participants will be published in the following journals, provided that they pass the referee process. For this
- You should edit your article in accordance with the journal's writing rules and upload it directly to the journal.
- Your article will be published as an article, provided that it passes the journal referee process. Being a congress participant does not guarantee article publication in the journal.

- Our congress organization does not have the authority to interfere with the journal referee and publication process.
- For our congress participants, the magazine fee is 25 USD. Article payments should be made to the relevant journal, not to our congress organization.

Note: For discounted publication, please send a copy of your acceptance letter or participation certificate to the magazine.

- EUROASIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES: It meets the criteria for academic incentives and associate professorship.
Journal website:

- PEARSON JOURNAL: Meets academic incentive and associate professorship criteria
Journal website:


3- INTERNATIONAL BOOK SECTION PUBLICATION: Participants can publish their full texts as international book chapters if they wish. We have an agreement with ISPEC Publishing Agency as the congress organization. ISPEC Agency charges 50 USD for the works accepted for publication in accordance with our agreement. If you want to publish your work as a book section, please first carefully examine the publication calendar, books to be published and other details on the website of the publishing agency. You should send your book chapters directly to the publisher in accordance with the publishing agency's publishing rules. Our congress organization does not have the authority to take any initiative and intervene in the edited book publishing process.

All work and transactions in this regard are carried out between our participants and the publishing agency.

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